The Kindness of Space Exploration

“Wait, what?” I can hear you now uttering that phrase in disbelief. Like, “How is this woman going to connect exploration and kindness? Come on! She’s got to be kidding me!”

Actually, I’m not! Here’s how:

You’ve heard about the Cassini Mission to Saturn, right? Right? OK, I’m going to be honest and tell you that I hadn’t heard about until a day ago either. And it’s been out there for 20 years! And I’ve been an adult that WHOLE time! How did I miss that? But now I have heard and seen, and WOW! I’m so excited that we get to be a part of this adventure as we watch Casini’s grand descent through the rings of Saturn. We can go outside and look towards Saturn and see it’s bright light and say, “We’ve seen close up pictures of you… and you are more beautiful than I thought possible.”

We as humanity can be amazed at the finding of water on two of the moons that orbit Saturn. What does this potentially mean? Could we actually have a colony there, still in our solar system? So, it offers hope and the thought of more and more adventures in space. Will one of our children go and explore?

Space Exploration reminds us of how vast the universe is. How much we still have to learn. How good it is to learn all we can.

So, check out Cassini. Make a point to look at Saturn each night you can. The next four months are bound to be breathtaking.

(Doodle credit as featured image goes to GOOGLE!)