David Whyte, Ted Talk

About two years ago, I begin reading poetry in earnest. If we are honest, it was sometimes the only words I could digest. Long passages are still for the most part unable to hold my attention. Yet a poem can touch me. Reach into my soul and remind me of what I am feeling. That this is normal. That others have felt this way as well. Poetry has also become a way for me to explore the verse of others outside my bubble, so it has helped expand my mind to how it feels to be a person of color, or one desperate, or one who longs for their voice to be heard.

David Whyte stands as one of those paragons in the realm of living poets. He recently gave a Ted Talk using his niece’s recent pilgrimage¬†El Camino de Santiago de Compostela as the backdrop for our journey in and to reality. You will most likely enjoy it all. For me, the highlight comes with the conversation at 14:21s till the end.

This is me, wishing to have the path all figured out, so that I can know we will safely arrive at our destination. It is reality though, as so beautifully spoken in his poem that tells a different, better story.


The Lyrical Bridge