A little culture goes a long

Perhaps, I will grow into it.

“Oh, do you like Purcell?” someone kindly asked, mildly shocked to see me.

“No,” I replied, “I’ve never heard of him, but thought it would be good to come to show support and get enlightened on such a highly regarded ancient music composer.

I did try, honestly.

And I enjoyed the recorders playing, having never heard them given such prominence in a concert before. And the male duet with “Mopsa” and “Sir Clown” was a fun piece.

Perhaps, my ancestral peasant blood needs something a little less refined. A little more “gather around the bonfire” vs “gather around the aristocratic salon”.

Oh, supposedly there’s some bluer blood in there, but let’s be honest, it came from Scotland, so it’s pretty wild as well.

I’ll try again another grasp at culture, come September, but tonight, I skittered away as soon as we were granted “a brief intermission”.

And that, today, was kindness to myself.

(and because I know it was me and not the art form itself, I’ll leave you with this lovely piece by Henry Purcell: Rondo )