Miss Muffet passed out at school today and gave us all a fright.

Was it low blood sugar?

A heart arrhythmia?

West Nile?


All our kids are relatively healthy and for that we are exceedingly grateful. This child is the one who sticks Legos up her nose at age 9 months and we end up in the emergency room. This child is the one who contracts at age four HSP a rare virus that horribly swells joints and leaves purple splotches and extreme stomach distress. This is the child who at age seven spikes a fever of 104.9 that won’t go down, which takes us back to the E.R. for an MRI. This is the child who jumps in the pool the wrong way and scrapes her face up, but mercifully did not break her neck.

So, this child faints at school. We all jump and while jumping, try to keep a calm face, showing no fear, no anxiety.

Verdict: dehydration.

With the “pay attention” caveat and a checklist of “if this happens again soon, then we need to do….”

This is the child… she thanked me today for taking care of her. I was singing a spontaneous lullaby as I tucked her in bed. I finished the diddy and hugged her tight.

“Always. Always. As long as I live, I will do my utmost to care for you.”