Pinterest Fail 1001,Tea Room: 2017, April and September

Remember my goal back in January to create a Tea Room? You know that magical, restful place of quiet and beauty where we as family members could go off by ourselves for much-needed meditation and contemplation, or simple, quiet reading?

And on April 24th of this year, I completed this:

Tea Room, April 2017. Former owner’s dog kennel and then their yard waste collection, now lovingly tended.

Tea Room, April 2017. View from the “alley” (gate to fence view)

It’s been a busy summer. Fraught with sadness, tension, hard work, and amazing good things, too. But what didn’t happen after the weather started getting your typical Mississippi summer muggy and hot, was care and use of the Tea Room. In fact, it wasn’t until a week ago, when I noticed a green vine growing over our new gate that I ventured back there to see what was going on. It was awful. So, like any good, modern homemaker, I went in the garage and pulled my “industrial strength, but they still claim it won’t harm the planet” weed killer and sprayed down the space. Blissfully, I thought that by the following weekend, all that would remain would be some crunchy dead stuff that I could easily tidy up.

Today, I went back in the space, one-week post spray:

If possible, it was worse than the week prior.

Abandoned. Neglected. Overrun.

The “alley” now sported a Morning Glory arbor.
I did not plant any Morning Glories. (view corner towards gate)
Now, my place of beauty was just a huge, disordered mess… and it struck a nerve, because my Tea Room looked like my inner life and my mental state: utter chaos.

So, what did I do? I got mad.
Grouched and fussed at everything and everyone.
Was asked to go take a walk. Or go out for a bit of time to myself.
So, I drove around, angry, listening to a CD that talked about how our emotions have to be dealt with and we have to discipline ourselves with how we eat and sleep. Arrgg.
So, I drove around some more and listened some more and calmed down. And made a decision.

I went to the grocery store and bought extra good food. More green stuff than I normally put in there. Extra cucumbers and things that help your body get back in the swing of things. Then I came home and drank two big glasses of water. Went to the pool… no, I didn’t swim… kid duty. Then came home and set the timer for 15 minutes and went and took back my Tea Room. Carried and hauled and pulled weeds and baby trees and removed the now rotted reed matting. Set the timer again for 15 minutes and tried to race the setting sun. Met a 15 inch earth worm, a baby frog, a moth, a plucky violet (which I left), the oyster shells that had fallen from their perch, the date palm that had been buried alive under the extremely prolific Morning Glory, and a 10″ snake. 32 minutes from the time I had started, I stopped: not done, but definitely back in control of the chaos. Then I went inside, ate an extremely nutrious dinner, drank more and more water, went for a walk, and now the day is done.

32 minutes in…and I’m hoping this is a rat snake.

I’m not angry anymore. Or sad. Or feeling like everything is spiraling towards decay.
And that’s a good thing. A relief actually.